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Hello Newgrounds I Finally Finished The Family Guy Video Mix Song!!!!

2009-07-12 18:17:20 by ACCURIAN

Hello People Of Newgrounds I Finished The Video Dance Mix Of Marcha - Party Boy Theme
The Video Below It So Fucken Epic Sorry I Could Remix Peter Dancing To It Maybe Someone Else
Can Do it Please Enjoy!!!!

Family Guy Officer MC Nasty Dance Mix Song

/* */
Mixed By Me ScaryMovieGuy A.K.A Accurian User Of Newgrounds I Hope You Enjoy The Music Video

Here's To All My Fans & Homies Enjoy!!! This Mountain Dew Picture Nigguhers!!!!

Hello Newgrounds I Finally Finished The Family Guy Video Mix Song!!!!


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2009-08-21 02:06:58

im a scarymovieGuy..WOOP sup homie puttin CLOWN love on ur PAGE

ACCURIAN responds:

Yeah Homie Cuz We Be Rolling!!!!


2009-09-01 03:02:36

What oh up homie you got some badass shit rollin' around on Newgrounds!

ACCURIAN responds:

Yeah I've Been Busy Lately Dawg You Know!!!!


2009-09-01 03:16:17

Ah yeah Homie you know I'm still around and shit. I'ma having to deal with fucking school right now and then I have to work on the fucking weekends dawg, sucks ass 4 sure!

ACCURIAN responds:

Yeah School Tough I Know But Me I'm Keeping It Real's You Know!!!!


2009-09-01 03:32:40

Yeah Homie I know You down with it and bad ass and all. Don't let those Faggots of Newgrounds drive you out Homie!

ACCURIAN responds:

Oh Don't Worrie They Won't Fuck Them Faggots!!!!!


2009-09-01 16:05:20

Herro smexy moviee mayn my vag luvs u :-* :-* :-*

(Updated ) ACCURIAN responds:

Maybe I Can Fuck Ya Sometime!!!!


2009-09-01 16:07:21

I'm glad you're back. Took about two months for me to notice, but I don't hang around the flash portal much anyway :/

(Updated ) ACCURIAN responds:

Hey Awesome!!!!!!


2009-09-09 06:55:44

hello my good sir.. informing you that i've been voting almost daily on 'NG poop' to raise the score to where it should be.

ACCURIAN responds:

Thanks Homie I Do Want Good Scores All Yeah Baby Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!


2009-09-10 02:28:26

What Oh Up HOmie that Crackjack Dub is tha SHIT dog! Michael Jackson for sure HOmie you should have him come on the show with the little kids.

(Updated ) ACCURIAN responds:

Well I Don't Know If I Have The Power To Make Micheal Jackson Come Back From The Dead Homie!!!!! But Thanks For Awesome Reviews Nigguher!!!!


2009-09-11 02:41:43

Awe yeah I'm listening to that SMG shit right now, and it's fuckin rockin out the town. Give it up for SMG Nigghuer!!

ACCURIAN responds:

yeah My Nigguher Ah Yeah Baby Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-09-16 05:45:09

Why do you always begin every word you write with a capital letter?

ACCURIAN responds:

Because It's Cool To do So My Nigguher!!!!!


2009-09-18 22:29:53

thanks homie, I never thought to use WMM, good stuff. 5/5 everytime.

ACCURIAN responds:

Yeah I Trust You Know How To Work Windows Movie Maker!!!


2009-09-27 13:11:09

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