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Hello Again You Faggots Of Newgrounds I'm Back And This Time I'm Not Leaving You Faggots Go Suck A Dick And Catch Aids Because You Know You People Are Just Like Faggot Federation And Kitty Krew So Fuck Off SomeWhere Else!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Newgrounds I Finally Finished The Family Guy Video Mix Song!!!!

Posted by ACCURIAN - July 12th, 2009

Hello People Of Newgrounds I Finished The Video Dance Mix Of Marcha - Party Boy Theme
The Video Below It So Fucken Epic Sorry I Could Remix Peter Dancing To It Maybe Someone Else
Can Do it Please Enjoy!!!!

Family Guy Officer MC Nasty Dance Mix Song

/* */
Mixed By Me ScaryMovieGuy A.K.A Accurian User Of Newgrounds I Hope You Enjoy The Music Video

Here's To All My Fans & Homies Enjoy!!! This Mountain Dew Picture Nigguhers!!!!

Hello Newgrounds I Finally Finished The Family Guy Video Mix Song!!!!


im a scarymovieGuy..WOOP WOOP..lol sup homie puttin CLOWN love on ur PAGE

Yeah Homie Cuz We Be Rolling!!!!

What oh up homie you got some badass shit rollin' around on Newgrounds!

Yeah I've Been Busy Lately Dawg You Know!!!!

Ah yeah Homie you know I'm still around and shit. I'ma having to deal with fucking school right now and then I have to work on the fucking weekends dawg, sucks ass 4 sure!

Yeah School Tough I Know But Me I'm Keeping It Real's You Know!!!!

Yeah Homie I know You down with it and bad ass and all. Don't let those Faggots of Newgrounds drive you out Homie!

Oh Don't Worrie They Won't Fuck Them Faggots!!!!!

Herro smexy moviee mayn my vag luvs u :-* :-* :-*

Maybe I Can Fuck Ya Sometime!!!!

I'm glad you're back. Took about two months for me to notice, but I don't hang around the flash portal much anyway :/

Hey Awesome!!!!!!

hello my good sir.. informing you that i've been voting almost daily on 'NG poop' to raise the score to where it should be.

Thanks Homie I Do Want Good Scores All Yeah Baby Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

What Oh Up HOmie that Crackjack Dub is tha SHIT dog! Michael Jackson for sure HOmie you should have him come on the show with the little kids.

Well I Don't Know If I Have The Power To Make Micheal Jackson Come Back From The Dead Homie!!!!! But Thanks For Awesome Reviews Nigguher!!!!

Awe yeah I'm listening to that SMG shit right now, and it's fuckin rockin out the town. Give it up for SMG Nigghuer!!

yeah My Nigguher Ah Yeah Baby Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you always begin every word you write with a capital letter?

Because It's Cool To do So My Nigguher!!!!!

thanks homie, I never thought to use WMM, good stuff. 5/5 everytime.

Yeah I Trust You Know How To Work Windows Movie Maker!!!

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